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Queen B Organizers came to the rescue this past Summer. We were overwhelmed with the task of clearing out 50 years worth of “treasures” for 2 beloved relatives! Kristin and her team took on the challenge! She was very up front as to the costs of the project as well as giving us a detailed description of how her team would go about sorting, organizing, advertising,and executing the massive estate sale!! She kept us updated throughout the entire process. Subsequently the project was completed in a timely fashion. Our family would highly recommend Queen B Organizing!

Corvallis Oregon
December 2015

 Faced with a monumental task of our parents’ estate, my siblings and I met with Kristin and were readily convinced she and Queen Bee were a match for us.  Kristin is efficient, fair, experienced, and most of all, caring. She gently and compassionately dealt with 45 years of family memories, helping us to manage an overwhelming compilation of relics.  Her estimates were fair and accurate.  She took time to patiently explain the process, and answered many phone calls to explain again or address new issues.  The caring and empathetic relationship she forged with our family allowed us to find our way through this emotional process. Thank you so much Kristin, you have mastered the honor of a compassionate business.  We can’t thank you enough!
Mark and Cathy Hodges
Corvallis OR
December 2015

“I was so shocked when you called last week and told me that we actually made money – and the dollar amount is incredible. When I walked into the building in Corvallis and realized how much work all of you had done to get everything ready for the sale I was sure that I would owe you!  You and your team have been absolutely wonderful to work with – so professional and thorough and most of all supportive, which was so important to me given what a mess I was handed when I took on the job of settling my sister’s estate.  What I want all of you to know is that I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found you and your team to help me with what seemed an overwhelming job of dealing with my sister’s hoarded house (and of course let’s not forget the storage units).  Thank you all – you have given me the best Christmas gift in years.”


Very professional and well organized crew. Managed to organize, price and sell the contents of a house cluttered with both valuable and not-so-valuable items collected over a period of seventy some years. Highly recommend Queen B for estate sales.

Jeff Crevar
Corvallis, Oregon
December 2015

Life savers! Absolute life savers! Faced with needing to have our home ready for the buyers days after our return from being out of state for three weeks, Queen B did the impossible. They professionally organized everything in the house, conducted an estate sale and had the now empty house cleaned. We knew the fees right upfront and were very pleased with the outcome. We so appreciated their respect for the treasures and memories we couldn’t keep. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Malinda and Doug Moore
Corvallis, Oregon
November 2015

Wow! We are so impressed with Queen B. Kristin came over and assessed everything and explained how the process would work and I could see my husband relax. He was very uptight about trying to sell everything on our own but she took care of the whole process. Everything was neatly set up and reasonably priced and we even made a tidy profit! I would hire her group again with no qualms.

Barbara Koepsell
Corvallis, Oregon
August 2015

My brother sent me pictures of the house! I am sorry but I cried because you all did such a great job! I cannot thank you enough. It all looks beautiful! Nice job everyone! It really did turn out amazing!

Corvallis, Oregon
August 2015

My husband and I recently moved from a house in Corvallis to an apartment in Denver. We left behind a lot of stuff, big and small. There were only nine days between the time we left and the time we closed on the house. Kristin handled our sale, including sweeping and vacuuming the house afterwards. I don’t know how we would have managed any other way. She is efficient, pleasant, and fair.

Marjorie Power
Corvallis - Denver
July 2015

We are retiring and downsizing from the home we have lived in for over 20 years. Kristin and her staff made it possible for us to complete the task. We had a huge shop, garage and home. They really helped my husband get through his extensive “collection” of shop items. They organized a downsizing sale and took care of everything. The place was a disaster when they arrived and clean and neat when they were done. We could not have done it without them!!

Corvallis, Oregon
July 2015

The time and care you put into your cheerful notes is appreciated. Each one is beautifully composed, gives the basic information your customers are seeking and offers an invitation to come to the event. You know how to make it fun.

But that ability is surpassed by the skill of you and your worker bees at arranging merchandise. Never have I seen more creative groupings of treasures. Although I don’t always purchase many items, I do like looking at the displays. You are particularly gifted with an artful eye.

I look forward to your next sale in the Corvallis area. Thanks for offering your wonderful services to those who need them.

Martha Kennedy
Albany, Oregon
April 2015

Kristin assessed, organized and implemented an estate sale at the home of my next-door neighbor who was being forced to sell her home due to illness. The whole process of assessment, setup and actual sale was done in a very professional, organized manner. Crew members were pleasant, focused, friendly, and hard-working. Communication with me was timely and appropriate. I was prepared for every part of the process.
It was a real pleasure to work with Kristin and her team and I would have no hesitation in recommending Queen B services to others.

Judy Easterly
Salem, Oregon
April 2015

We have been spreading the word about the exceptional experience we had with “the B’s and their Queen”! One family member likened it to selling the used car in your driveway. You can probably make a bit more money if you clean it up, tune it up, park it in front of your house with a For Sale sign, then spend the next month showing it to folks, taking time off from work to test drive it with every kid on the block, keeping it looking good and hoping that it continues to run smoothly… Or you can save yourself the headache and trade it in, let someone else do all the work of selling it. It’s all about the price of your time and your worry. Giving you the keys to a house full of leftovers was one of the best decisions we have made in the tough and emotional process of dissolving a parent’s estate. We will always be grateful.

Corvallis, Oregon
April 2015

My friends and I look forward to your sales. You have brought a breath of fresh air to estate sales. You and your staff are cheerful, polite, and always ready to help. Can’t wait for your next one. Thanks!

Corvallis, Oregon
April 2015

I have been to many Estate Sales that Kristin/Queen B has run. They are so well organized, and clean! The staff are so helpful during their events. Thank you Kristin for doing such a great job.

Susan Stogsdill
Corvallis, Oregon
February 2015

I want to put in a rave review for Kristin and her staff from Queen B Organizing. They did an estate sale for me a few months after my hubby passed. I had come to the point in my life that I felt that I had too many “things” and wanted to downsize, but I just wasn’t up to the challenge. Not only did I have so much from our 44 years of marriage, we also had inherited quite a bit over the years from family members. That’s where Kristin and Queen B Organizing came into the picture! They could not have made it more effortless, and painless for me. I had a 3,000 sq ft house plus a 3 car garage just full of “things.” So much of it hadn’t been looked at or used for years and years. Kristin and her team came in and efficiently sorted through everything in my home and garage. It was amazing! Then, they got everything ready for an estate sale and displayed things beautifully! They also paid great attention to traffic details within my home and garage, because it was a long and sprawling location. They ran a very tight ship and didn’t waste a moment. What a fantastic team! My estate sale was extremely successful! We had hundreds lined up at the start, and had about 2,000 people attend over the two days of the sale. They attended to EVERYTHING! I couldn’t bear to be there since hubby’s passing was too new, but when I came home I couldn’t believe the awesome results. I was such a happy camper and couldn’t have been more pleased with their efforts and results. If it weren’t for them, I’d still be buried in my “things.” Terrific job, Kristin. I couldn’t recommend you and your team more highly!

Vicky Bergstrom
Corvallis, Oregon
February 2015

In early September, I suggested to my husband that we PRETEND we were moving in a year’s time. We are both in our late 70s, and our house and yard were feeling too big and hard to maintain. My husband got enthusiastic immediately about the idea of moving and began to make appointments with realtors and retirement places. In a month’s time, we had signed to move to a senior community in our area. We had to sell our house fast, and we did, but there was soooo much to get rid of. Adding pressure, the new owners wanted possession in a month, and our new place might not be available yet.

Queen B Organizing had been at the Home Show in Albany; we had a brochure with contact information, and we called about Queen B organizing an estate sale for us. Owner Kristin came right over, assessed our “stuff,” and gave us a price (a guaranteed profit for her company, including employees’ wages) and a copy of her contract. She was easy to talk with and assured us that she and her staff could do the job within our time frame.

As I write this on Christmas Eve, we are in our new place. The sale of the old house closed on December 15th. The house was completely empty and clean, and we had our larger-than-expected check from Kristin—hand delivered—within two days of the sale. We paid nothing out of pocket. We highly recommend Queen B Organizing!

Shirley Hilts
Corvallis, Oregon
December 2014

Our family is enormously grateful to Kristin Bertilson and her team at Queen B Organizing for their assistance in preparing, advertising, and conducting our family’s estate sale. Kristin’s experience, perspective, and connections were invaluable and her positive, seemingly boundless energy made her great to work with. Kristin offered helpful advice, when requested, but deferred to our family to make final decisions. Kristin was infinitely patient with us, supportive, and flexible in implementing our wishes. Kristin is exceptionally well-organized and communicates well with both her clients and her team members. Kristin was very accessible and quick to respond to questions and concerns by phone, email, and text.

Kristin and her wonderful team of “super-sorters” were sensitive, kind, respectful, hardworking, and efficient. They cleaned, organized, and artfully staged and re-staged items, throughout the three days of the estate sale, to maximize their appeal and value.

Throughout the process there was great attention to detail in researching items, advertising, and describing them to the public. During the pricing process, Kristin consulted with other professionals specializing in antiques, art, silver, jewelry, instruments, and books to determine and confirm appropriate values for these items. Kristin’s reputation for quality work has enabled her to develop a large network of contacts which served us very well in terms of sales and attendance. Creative, detailed, enthusiastic advertising in the local paper, Craigslist, and through email, to Kristin’s contacts, also generated interest in the sale and increased attendance.

The logistics of the sale itself were well-organized with special attention to the coordination of staffing, traffic flow, and parking.

We found the costs associated with our family’s estate sale, and Queen B Organizing’s services, to be very reasonable and felt that we got a great return and value for our investment. We would be pleased to recommend Kristin Bertilson and the services of Queen B Organizing in the highest terms, and without reservation, to anyone in search of professional and high quality estate sale assistance.


The Hovland Family
Corvallis, Oregon
October 2014

We hired Queen B to finish clearing out a house, donating the contents to charities. They were responsible and reliable; did what they said they’d do when they said they’d do it and came in under the quote. Can’t ask for more than that. Kristin was very easy to work with and took care of everything.

Geoff Potts
Corvallis, Oregon
August 2014

Kristin was an enormous help to me during a very difficult time after the loss of both of my parents. I live across the country and had a limited time in which to clean out their house of a lifetime of possessions. Needless to say it was extremely overwhelming but Kristen was recommended to me to handle the estate sale and I called her in. All I can say is I wish I had called her earlier! I could write a very long statement about her personality and abilities, which are beyond stellar, but suffice it to say that she took care of every possible issue that came up, handled all my family’s belongings with care and respect, sold and cleared out the property of every last item, and did so almost entirely with me being across the country! I recommend her highly, and I strongly urge anyone that will listen to start clearing out your possessions and streamline your lives! You won’t regret it!
Kelly Higgins
Oakwood, Ohio
July 2014

We were so pleased with Queen B! We are moving and downsizing considerably. They came in and worked very hard for several days to get ready for an estate sale. They consulted with our neighbors before the sale. Everything was displayed very nicely. They sold much more than we ever dreamed they would. Afterwards they packaged up everything that didn’t sell, and then had it all picked up. We got receipts and videos of everything that didn’t sell. They were so professional and also very nice.

Kay Enbom
Corvallis, Oregon
July 2014

Fantastic! Queen B is a very respectful and professionally-run company.  After 60 years in my home I decided to sell and move to Portland. My home sold quickly, so Kristin with her employees came to my home, cleaned up, and organized all my belongings that I had left behind.  They even took time to look for a couple of things I forgot and set them aside.  Kristin’s knowledge of the possible earnings from the sale enabled us to set the hours and people needed to get the job done. When Queen B finished with the sale, the whole house was completely cleaned out. I was hoping to just cover the expenses of her time, but to my surprise I even received a check, with photos of donations and where they were donated in the community.

RESPECTFUL, PROFESSIONAL, ORGANIZED, and easy to work with. Thank you Queen B for removing all the worries of what to do with the items left in the house.

Thank you so much!

Trinette Nickleson
Corvallis, Oregon
June 2014

Kristin, of Queen B Organizing, is amazing. She has the ability to quickly grasp the scope and needs of a complex project, and to implement solutions efficiently. She is also smart, knowledgeable, and nice! I would highly recommend her services to anyone with an organizing challenge.

David Spencer
Eugene (Elmira), Oregon
November 2013

In this, the season of gratitude and taking stock of the blessings in our lives, I would like to thank Kristin for all that she has done for me and therefore for my children and family. I am indebted to this amazing woman who has boundless energy, infinite patience, and long-distance vision. Kristin has come into my life and home and, after the absolute worst, cross-country, horribly stressful, disastrously disorganized move of my life, she unburdened me. I have moved dozens of times and this last one, which was made in tandem with a family health crisis, left me depressed, deflated, and hopeless.

Kristin and I powered through the unpacking and organizing of hundreds of bags and boxes and as each item found its proper place in our house I felt my breath returning to normal, bit-by-bit, and my house becoming a home. This Thanksgiving I will set my organized dinnerware on my cleaned-off dining table in my lovely dining room and I will acknowledge the gift of Kristin’s kindness, professionalism, and friendship.

Ann Bradford
Corvallis - Chicago
November 2013

When I first heard Queen B speak at a home show in Eugene I knew that I needed her help organizing the piles of papers in my home office. What I didn’t know was that the organization she provided would be just what the doctor ordered!

Genetic testing revealed that I have an 80% chance of colon cancer. Part of the testing procedure involved hours of genealogy made possible because Queen B steered me through the process of turning stacks of family records into cohesive information available for scrutiny. My geneticist was VERY impressed with the filing system Queen B set up with me; each branch of the family in a separate file, rather than heaped in a very discouraging box of disparate pieces of paper covering several generations.

If you’ve ever had to meet with your doctor to discuss your medical history, you know how important it is to have your records in order. And, the older we get (hopefully) the more records we have to maintain.

To your good health! Get your stuff in order; it can save your life!

Sherrill Kirchhoff
Eugene, Oregon
May 2013

The organization for which I work recently sponsored a series of workshops to assist folks with business management and personal development.

We invited Kristin Bertilson, owner of Queen B Organizing to deliver a workshop on “The 4Ds of Organizing, Paperwork Organization, Time Management, Closet/Desk/Office Organizing” and I am pleased to report that the workshop was the largest of the entire series!

From the first moment Kristin began her interactive presentation, she engaged the audience, providing attendees with excellent organizational techniques and tools, and with her mastery of her subject matter she left them asking for her to return to give another presentation as soon as possible. Indeed, she left them hungry for more!

I would gladly recommend Kristin as a speaker (or consultant) for any group wanting to learn about organizing, streamlining, downsizing, etc.  She clearly has a grasp of her material/subject matter!

J. Wessell
Downtown Corvallis Association
April 2013

Kristin did a GREAT job of helping my 88-year-old father move from his large home of over 30 years to a one-bedroom apartment in a retirement community. Our family could not have done this without help.

We lost our Mom two years earlier. Mom and Dad had a beautiful home, full of wonderful memories (and lots and lots of nice stuff). Dad knew he was no longer able to care for the place. It had become unsafe for him to be there alone. My sister and I both knew he could not handle the move by himself, although his pride made it hard for him to agree.
Kristen helped us manage both the logistics of the estate sale, and everyone’s strong feelings that accompany such a change. Our family is in much better shape because of her help.

I would strongly recommend Kristin to anyone facing such a complicated transition.

Bob Robison
Portland, Oregon
April 2013

We hired Queen B Organizing when we moved our Mom out of her home where she had lived for 60 years. As is usually the case, 60 years of accumulation was rather overwhelming to the point of saying, “We can’t handle this alone.” We called Queen B and Kristin met us that week to take a walk through the house and determine our best route. She was very respectful, very thorough, and very honest about the house contents. We took her suggestion to have a half-day sale, hired her to come in and do her magic, and the date was set.

What a great decision! Kristin was prompt with her estimate of charges and also provided us with a list of the places where she likes to donate the things that don’t sell. Once the sale date was set, she completely took over. She brought in her crews and within no time, everything was emptied out, organized, categorized, and respectfully displayed. Anything in question was set aside to ask the family about. The sale was advertised so well by Kristin that we couldn’t believe the hordes of people that came! It was an astonishing turnout and we were very pleased with the outcome. In addition, when the sale came to an end, anything that didn’t sell was donated that day and by day’s end, the house was empty. It was true magic!

We would highly recommend Queen B Organizing to anyone needing assistance with organizing. She was a pleasant, honest, and respectful person with a high degree of professionalism. We felt there were no stones left unturned and she saved us hours and hours of work, confusion, and physical fatigue. In addition, she was a joy to work with, a great communicator, and a trustworthy, honest professional. If you choose to hire Queen B Organizing, you will not be disappointed!

Diane and Steve Wagener
Albany, Oregon
December 2012

I wanted to redesign my pantry to make it more usable and efficient. Kristin had wonderful ideas on how best to utilize the space and found a contractor who could build what I needed in a price range that worked for me. Kristin was very easy to work with and I would recommend her to my friends.

Colleen Elliott
Corvallis, Oregon
December 2012

Several years ago, at middle age, my husband and I combined two households into one home. He likes white walls and efficiency; I like color and tolerate clutter. I contacted Kristin for help with figuring out what pieces of furniture were going to stay and which ones needed to leave, as well as which rooms to place them in. On top of that I knew I also wanted to change the flow in our home. Kristin and I ended up moving every piece of furniture but one on the first floor of our house, moving both the living and dining rooms to new rooms altogether, and creating a new yoga space in our home office, plus creating a new sitting room that looks out onto our backyard. Decluttering was done all along the way. Things left the house and we never looked back. Kristin helped us transform a clutter-filled home office with a single overhead shelf into a relaxing carpeted yoga space and home office with a curtained closet with custom shelving. Kristin also gave me great advice for paint colors, organizing the kitchen, culling paper files, organizing photos, and organizing two other closets. She is a dynamo who gets things done on time and within budget. Everything was done with furniture we already had, except for one new bookshelf and one café table. We are amazed by the huge change in our house—how it looks, how it feels, and how it works now. Kristin was only here 3-4 times and accomplished what we never could have been able to do in any amount of time! The best part of working with Kristin is that she quickly understood what I was trying to accomplish and guided me every step of the way with really great ideas and advice that made the end result even better than I could have imagined. My husband and I are both thrilled with the results. Previously, we rarely entertained in our home; it was just too much work and things didn’t flow. We didn’t even think we liked entertaining, but now we have people over all the time! Our friends and family tell us our home has never felt so warm and welcoming.

Tina B.
May 2012

Hiring Kristin to redesign my house was one of the BEST things I have ever done for myself. I shared my wants, needs, and desires for the various rooms in my house and she perfectly translated those ideas into spaces that I love. I wanted calm, peaceful, and inspiring. She created it all flawlessly and it was so much fun.

The day she came to my house with her truck full of items for my home, I thought about how this was kind of like a TV makeover, but better. Her attention to detail is amazing. She makes it seem so easy. We even worked out a plan for a division of labor. We got a lot done that way.

Kristin is a very clear communicator. She kept me on budget and she has a great sense of humor.

This entire experience has been surprising and delightful in ways that I could not even expect. Kristin created in my home the very feeling that I have been trying to create for years. I love my space. It is very pleasing to me and also to others. People always comment on how beautiful and peaceful my home is. Surprisingly, since I feel very settled and content in my space, I no longer buy “knickknacks” to try and create a desired mood. This is an unexpected big savings. So my budget is happy.

I continue to consult Kristin as I fine-tune my living spaces. Such a creative and easy process!

I would unequivocally recommend Kristin to anyone—and in fact I do, almost weekly. Designing, painting, organizing, repurposing…she can do it all. You won’t regret calling Kristin to help you out.

M. Hewitt
Corvallis, Oregon
February 2012

My favorite aunt passed away last year in California at age 91, having survived the death of my uncle by more than a decade. The instructions in her will left me with the bittersweet task of organizing, distributing, or otherwise disposing of her photos, slides, puppets, paintings, genealogical research, travel souvenirs, furniture, and so on. Many of these items held precious memories of happy days that I spent with my aunt and uncle. When the items arrived in Corvallis, they filled a 10 foot by 15 foot public storage unit to shoulder height. I needed help and Kristin provided it. She quickly organized the items in the storage unit, anticipating the tasks that we would would perform: sorting, distributing, donating, selling, recycling, disposing, etc. Sorting was the most difficult task, of course. When I got stuck in sentimentality, Kristin would have a suggestion for preserving a memory while reducing the volume of material, or she would ask a question that would give me a gentle nudge forward. Kristin’s sensitivity to family issues and her remarkable serial memory made it possible for me to assign many of the sorting tasks to her. When it came time to ship, donate, and sell items, Kristin’s experience, pickup truck, and computer savvy made it easy.

Thanks, Kristin. We are lucky to have such a professional and customer-friendly business in our town.

Steve Esbensen
Corvallis, Oregon

I’m not ashamed to say that I am not the best at organizing the physical world around me. I get overwhelmed to the point where I just don’t know how to move forward. Kristin has the guidance and energy that I was needing to get things done. The weight has lifted and I’m in control again. She is simply brilliant and passionate about helping people get organized and get rid of unwanted clutter. We all need her talent.

Peggy Lorence
Results Realty

When we could no longer stand the huge pile of old Life magazines that the previous owners had left in our garage, we called Kristin for help. It was, after all, only a stack of mildewed magazines, but Kristin put her heart into finding a home for them. It turns out there wasn’t much of a market for them, but at least now we’re well rid of them and they didn’t end up in a landfill. Kristin was extremely helpful, patient, and competent.

Sandy Ridlington
Corvallis, Oregon

What a welcome surprise it was when Kristin showed up last Fall and started helping me organize my clothes closet. It was a job I had put off for many years and it got to the point where it was overwhelming for me. With Kristin’s gentle guidance we went through each and every piece of clothing, pair of shoes, and everything else that was hiding in there. She offered her expert advice and helped me determine quickly if I really needed to keep that item of clothing that I had been holding onto for years. After a few short sessions my closet was a work of art! What a joy it is now to get dressed and to find things easily! And she took care of all the things I did not want and donated them to wonderful charities. It saved me the time of running around town and she returned the donation receipts promptly. I highly recommend Kristin; you will not be disappointed.

Terra S.
Eugene, Oregon

A person’s environment doesn’t need to be a complete disaster before asking for help in getting organized. Kristen taught me important questions to ask myself regarding the retention and storage of paper, books, binders, supplies, etc. She also taught me that small changes can lead to big results. I feel a lot better about my work space because I have discarded items that I don’t need, organized shelves and books for a more uniform appearance, cleaned up files, and rearranged cupboards for better storage.  Being organized and clutter-free makes me feel less stressed and more in control.

Mary Ann Vanderford
Lebanon Hospital Administration

Can you imagine moving clear across the country to the town where you most want to live, buying a perfect home, moving in, and then finding that you just can’t seem to get unpacked and settled?


I have always found moving to be a very difficult task, and not on the usual scale. This stems from the first time I moved, when I was 2 years old, and our house burned to the ground. That experience caused something deep inside my brain to be wired in a way that causes moving to feel like a very traumatic experience. After moving into our new home I found unpacking to be almost impossible. I would plan to work on it, schedule the time to work on it, but when that time came I found it was almost impossible to move. As the days went by I would try to discipline myself only to find myself feeling anxious, depressed, and embarrassed.

One day I decided to make curtains, but could not find all the parts to my sewing machine. It was clear that I needed help! So I got on the internet and started looking for home organizers. I came across some information on Kristin. I loved her story about organizing bins of toys as a child. It seems that organizing is what she has been placed on this Earth to do. I sent her an e-mail.

Having just retired it was difficult for my husband and I to decide to pay someone to help us unpack. We both felt we should be able to do it ourselves. Even though my husband was willing to help, he didn’t seem to get motivated to work on it unless I was directing the effort, so it seemed like it all fell onto my shoulders, and I clearly was not making progress on the task. Kristin was perfectly persistent. She let me know that she was there to help, but she wasn’t pushy about it. After exchanging several emails and phone calls we decided to try working together for two afternoons, which would help get some of the unpacking done and give us a chance to determine if we should be spending our money this way.

When Kristin arrived I was feeling apprehensive and grouchy. She looked through the house, immediately came up with a plan and started executing it. By the end of the second day, I felt strongly that it was worth spending money on this. We decided to work on it only two afternoons a week. This was enough to consistently make progress on the task, but at a pace that I was comfortable with. Kristin is wonderful. She did a lot of work herself, but also kept me focused, and assigned me tasks, keeping me busy without causing me to get overwhelmed. She got my husband involved and asked questions to help us evaluate whether all items were worth keeping.  If they were she found an appropriate place to keep them, if not she determined if they would be recycled or donated. At the end of each day she whisked away all items to be recycled or donated and she even removed part of the trash. She also removed the unpacked boxes and packing paper which helped more than you can imagine. At the end of each work session it was really clear the we had made significant progress.

We started out with boxes stacked 5 feet high in our guest bedroom and even higher than that in the garage. On our final day of working together, the guest room was empty and we parked my car in the garage. All the boxes were unpacked. There was a place for everything and everything was in its place!


Thank you Kristin, we are very happy in our clean and organized home.


Michelle & Richard Wright-Watson
Corvallis, Oregon

Kristin: I found your help invaluable in many ways! You gave me the tools necessary to be more objective, more purposeful, and less fearful in my organizational endeavors. The skills have carried over to other rooms in the house and even helped out with some time management issues. I guess the biggest thing is having a home for things and making sure I put things back where they belong.  I couldn’t have gotten so much done so well without your help. Your skills are very handy. Thank you for sharing them with me.

Barb Bolden
Corvallis, Oregon

Kristin provided invaluable advice for the design and organization of our reception area and front office. She was instrumental in the selection of our furnishings and has helped us on two occasions with public events. In each situation she was professional and her attention to detail was impeccable. We have had numerous compliments on the office and the organization and design for the greeters and ribbon cutting events.

Frank Hann, DPT
Encore Physical Therapy

I knew moving during finals week would be stressful, but the prospect of starting a 9-5 job the next Monday made it seem impossible. Kristin’s organizational skills helped me stay organized enough to make a painless transition in record time. I was boxed up and moved in by the end of the week and my new place looked great! Without Kristin’s knowledge and skills I would probably still be emptying out boxes. I can’t thank her enough!

Raschelle Barkume

I have had the pleasure of working with Kristin Bertilson and highly recommend her services for event planning, organizing and/or decorating. We have had several events held at our business that probably would not have been as successful had she not contributed her ideas for flower arrangements, food choices, assistance with color scheme, etc. There is no doubt we will request her services again for future events.

Chris Guempel
Encore Physical Therapy

Kristin organized a warehouse for me. She explained things to me along the way, which I really appreciated. Her choices have dramatically improved production while virtually eliminating payroll being wasted by staff members trying to find items. Besides being professional, Kristin’s upbeat personality made her a pleasure to work with.

Phillip S.

Kristin was invaluable when helping me to organize 26 years worth of pictures. I wanted to quit several times and just put them back in the garage, but with her encouragement we kept going. I am so glad to have this task done and now I am able to make albums. Can’t wait for the next project! Thank you.

Deb Armstrong


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