Organizing Memories

Your treasures and memories have meaning and value and should be treated with the care that they deserve. Together we will take your memories and give them that level of care.

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Do you have a memory of an item that you don’t want to lose? Do you want to pass down an item to a grandchild and have them know what it meant to you? Do you want to free up space in your house by finally donating all those old comics? Do you have 20 years of pictures that you need to have organized? This area of organizing is only limited to what you can think of.

Photo Memories is taking an item that you want to pass down and documenting in your words what is so special about this item. This could be by video or writing it down. It could be boxed up for later or given to the person as a special gift.

Cataloging is based on your collection, and knowing what is in it and what it is worth. I will help guide you to the right collectors, antique shops or just help write up everything you have in your collection. This depends of what you are looking to get out of this experience.

Picture organizing was created with my mother in mind. When we went to organize her twenty boxes of pictures, from the last 26 years, we never realized what a task we were taking on. There are stories that the pictures tell, but without her memory there would be no story of a certain place in time. The ultimate goal is so that each of her daughters can create a chronological scrapbook/photo album when they choose to do so. We organized the pictures into the year they belong and by what trip or activity they were from. This is time consuming, but well worth the effort. Do you have boxes of photos just sitting in the closet or garage waiting for someone to put them together?

Have an idea? Lets see if we can accomplish it together!
I can't wait to expand this area with all the wonderful ways
to organize your life. The sky is the limit!


I knew moving during finals week would be stressful, but the prospect of starting a 9-5 job the next Monday made it seem impossible. Kristin's organizational skills helped me stay organized enough to make a painless transition in record time.
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