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“National Clean Off Your Desk Day”
Monday was another one of those odd days on the calendar.  It was “National Clean Off Your Desk Day.” While you may not think a little clutter here or there will cause any harm, professional organizers say it can actually lead to stress, anxiety, and even depression. Read Article

Local Organizer Helps Springfield Hoarder Local organizer helps Springfield hoarder
Queen B Organizing was featured on a the July 17 episode of the TLC television show “Hoarding: Buried Alive.” For the show, she worked with a Springfield woman who for about six years had accumulated so many things in her house that it was difficult to move throughout the house. Read Article

Tips to Help De-clutter your Office Tips to De-clutter your Office
For our January issue, we asked her to come up with a list of 10 tips to help businesspeople get more organized in 2011. She came up with 11, in case you didn’t care for the one of the first 10.
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Born Organizer Shares Clutter Cutting WaysBorn organizer shares clutter-cutting ways
Ever since she was a little girl, Kristin Bertilson could walk into a room and immediately know how to improve it and make it more efficient. She even organized her best friend’s toys during play dates. So, it was no surprise that she grew up and became an interior designer.But it wasn’t until her parents convinced her that she had a talent that not everyone possesses, that she decided to become an organizer. Read Article

Projects, Awards & More...All OrganizedProjects, Awards & More…All Organized All the pieces of paper that serve as reminders of what your child has done and accomplished; artwork, report cards, awards, paintings, science fair exhibits, and reports. The “projects” will change as your child grows, but the same question remains: What do you do with all of them? Read Article



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